Politics African Proverbs

Politics African Proverbs

Borana Oromo people Kenyan African Proverbs

Living in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, the Borana tribe have a long history of conflict, cattle raiding and fights over water and grazing among its various pastoral communities.

War has no eyes
War has no eyes

Politics, pastureland, conflict, War has no eyes Borana Oromo African proverbs

Fighting between the Borana and Gharri tribes historically erupts inside Ethiopia and Somalia along the Kenyan border, over water and grazing land. Both tribes are traditional pastoralists. The hard red earth shows through the thin grass of the sun-baked landscape, a wide expanse of thorny scrub, flat-topped thorn-trees and tall red anthills. Like almost all pastoralists in Africa, Borana men habitually go armed to defend their flocks but many are displaced.

Oromo African proverbs

Bir baani, dubbit affa ; d’uggadubbe tani namat wald’aba.
If facts are ignored, justice cannot be rendered yet, if one refuses to ignore the facts enemy is created.

Mali ijeese warani lubbu kuta 
The plan kills, the weapon only does the deed.

Nafi abba took abbatokot qoricha. 
A person’s life is precious to him but nothing to someone else.

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African people are praised for proverbs, history, traditions, and struggles. African people are extremely diverse within each African country. Made up of numerous tribes and people of many religious, social and ethnic groups within the geographical boundaries of the African country African borders are at times arbitrary. Learn more about Africa.

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