20 Things in Life You Need To Know Today

20 Things in Life You Need To Know Today

Here's what you need to know on African wisdom and African proverbs.

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A dog does not enter if the door is not open.

A foreigner's pity is like a thorn's shadow.

A man without enemies is like a river without stones.

A relative's slap hurts more than a stranger's.

By blackening another, you do not whiten yourself.

Crows gather where the flesh lies.

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Even a thread of hair has its shadow.

Under the prettiest glove, the ugliest hand is hidden.

One man laughs at another and the devil at all.

Put not your nose in the pot that does not boil for you.

Sadness to the house where the hen crows and the cock keeps silent.

The husband doesn't know what all the village knows.

The locust lives only a little while, but it does great damage.

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The man who goes to law often loses an ox to win a cat.

The pearl lies at the bottom of the sea, while the corpse floats on the surface.

The tongue breaks bones though it has none.

There is no bitterer fruit than foreigners in one's land.

Thieves nowadays are not in the forests but in the offices.

You cannot stop the wind, the water, or people's tongues.

Nakedness turns round, hunger goes straight.

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